Welcome to the Soybean Yield Survey

We are working to develop a method to predict soybean yields across the entire Midwestern US. In order to validate our models and improve their accuracy, we require actual Midwest farm yields and their location (i.e., within a ¼ mile). So we are asking for your help:

Please share your soybean yield data!

We have designed a quick and simple voluntary survey, to submit soybean yields (bushels/acre) and field location. That’s it. Management information is helpful but optional.

Are there any risks to me? No. Your information will remain anonymous, and you may stop participating at any time.

Are there any benefits to me? Understanding what drives soybean yields will hopefully help shape future management practices.

This survey is part of a University of Wisconsin-Madison research project led by Professors Claudio Gratton (Entomology), Christopher Kucharik (Agronomy), and Phil Townsend (Forest & Wildlife Ecology) in collaboration with Shawn Conley (Agronomy).

For more information about the project see our FAQs. Questions? Please contact Claudio Gratton. For questions regarding this website, please contact Aditya Singh.

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